If you are trying to save money long-term, you might instead apply for cheap life insurance quotes on permanent life insurance. You can apply for free for cheap life insurance quotes by filling out our short, online application.

We Answer Your Questions

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about comparing rates and buying a policy.

How do I apply for a plan?

You can apply for pricing estimates by filling out our short, online application. The application will only take two or three minutes to complete and is completely free of charge. In exchange, we will then supply you with at least four no-obligation estimates from some of the best insurers in the business. You will see your premiums displayed side-by-side to help you compare policies easily on price and coverage levels.

Who will actually provide my policy?

We partner with a large network of insurers, so the company that actually issues your policy will depend on your preferences and needs. Some of the companies that provide our customers with great deals include:

  • MetLife
  • AIG
  • Prudential
  • New York Life
  • Allstate
  • Many more

What kind of plan is the cheapest?

If you need a relatively large amount of protection on a small budget, you should apply for quotes on a term policy. Term is usually the simplest, most affordable type of protection. Though this is initially the least expensive type of policy, it is not necessarily the best long-term investment. These premiums increase as you age, which means your policy might become unaffordable down the road. If you are trying to save money long-term, you might instead apply for estimates on permanent life insurance. For more information, check out our saving money on life insurance page.

Do I really need it?

If you have anyone who depends on you financially or otherwise, applying for a plan is a wise decision. Applying for a plan can help your loved ones pay for your final expenses and preserve their standard of living after you die. Similarly, you might decide to apply for coverage as a way to supplement your investment portfolio. Permanent policies accrue cash value over time, which means your coverage can also serve as an investment vehicle.

How much do I need?

When you get quotes, you will need to have an idea of how much protection you require. Figure out how much your family would need to live comfortably without your income and also include big-ticket expenses, such as tuition, in your estimate.

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