The key to getting cheap life insurance quotes is to comparison shop.You can reapply for cheap life insurance quotes to get a lower premium if you have significantly improved your health since taking out your policy.

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Many of our customers are interested in how they can save money on their premiums. Here are a few tips to minimize the cost of your plan.

  • Shop around. The key to getting affordable coverage is to comparison shop. Typically, experts recommend getting at least three or four different quotes from various insurers before settling on a policy. The beauty of our site is that you can do all of your comparison shopping for a plan in one stop. You fill out one application, and we provide you with a minimum of four affordable options.
  • Be truthful. Don't be tempted to distort the truth about your health just to get price estimates. You can find an option that meets your needs even if you have preexisting health conditions, so tell the truth. If you fail to disclose certain facts about your current physical state, your policy might be revoked.
  • Reapply for lower rates if your status has improved. You can reapply for a plan to get a lower premium if you have significantly improved your health since originally taking out a plan. For example, if you've lost weight, lowered your blood pressure, or stopped smoking, you can reapply today.
  • Take your medical tests in the morning. After you apply for a new plan, you will likely have to undergo certain required medical tests. Try to schedule these tests in the morning, as your blood pressure and cholesterol are lowest in the morning, and you are less stressed. The better the outcome of your medical tests, the better your chances of receiving lower premiums.
  • Weigh short-term vs. long-term savings. If you need considerable protection but have a limited budget, consider applying for estimates on term protection. However, keep in mind that, in the long-run, this will end up costing you more. If you are interested in long-term savings, apply for cheap life insurance quotes on permanent life insurance. Your premiums will remain the same for the life of the plan, ensuring affordability for a lifetime.
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